Turn your strategy into a success strategy.

Take your path to your goal with strength and endurance.

In times of extremely volatile and changing markets, new tools and skills are needed to master the challenges of the business world and pursue your strategic path with strength and endurance.

Face the challenges of your project and leadership tasks head-on and purposefully allow agility and change to become your success strategy.

This requires a guided process that includes training and coaching.

Ursula develops tailor-made solutions – the content, time and place of which are suited specifically to your needs. She will support you with her more than 700 days of training experience as well as Kirkpatrick certification for the evaluation of business training measures.

Ursula offers team training with the DISC and MBTI personality profiles. Her areas of specialty are strategy development, communication (body language, presentation, persuasion, argumentation), Harvard negotiation technique, intercultural training, and team coaching for teams facing challenging, changing situations.

Ursula looks forward to speaking with you personally to determine your specific training needs.